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This site www.mydistinctapparel.com is only a merchandising and information based website, and does NOT sell products directly from this site but instead redirects you to other stores to purchase the Distinct Apparel brand. Yes, you will be redirected to our other trusted partner sites/stores/shops to handle your orders and payments of Distinct Apparel. We do not handle your private information or orders from these online or physical stores we partner with.

If you have any questions or issues on your orders, need tracking, payment issues or other in relation to these 3rd party sites and shops, please reach out directly to the store(s) where you purchased the items from, the email would have been noted on your invoice/receipt.


However here are some main contact pages or emails for the stores:






As these are multi-brand sites from various designers/sellers like me, please be sure you are clear what designs are DISTINCT APPAREL which are linked from this site only.
Distinct Apparel is not responsible or liable for delayed, damaged or other issues with your orders from these sites and stores , but we will like to know about any ongoing issues with our partner stores so we can work with them and add new stores and remove those not producing the standard of care and quality products and service we know our customers deserve.



Distinct Apparel is NOT responsible or able to manage the product selections on the POD online stores listed, however you can email the store and Distinct Apparel to forward your suggestion. Supply and demand.

We are responsible for Distinct Apparel designs availability on these POD online stores, so you can email design suggestions to us at info@getwithfocus.com. We do take orders for custom designs for your special occasion, so complete the online form or email us accordingly.




Our team of designers can take your bulk order of an existing design and product or create your custom bulk designs for your special event, birthday, sporting event, baby shower or blessing, reunion, anniversary, girl’s trip, homecoming, or wedding. For those who also need distinct designs for a corporate event, need business merchandise, or giveaways, we have you covered! Email us today info@getwithfocus.com to get started or complete the forms on our website. Distinct Apparel takes responsibility only for these bulk or custom orders placed by you to us outside of our partner stores. Terms, policies, payment terms, return policy, shipping etc  will be declared on the quote/invoice of each order.



We are always looking to expand our empowerment brand world-wide! If you would like to partner with us to have Distinct Apparel designs sold in your store(s), please email us at info@getwithfocus.com to start dialogue.


Distinct Apparel is a brand of FOCUS Marketing & Development Solutions, Inc www.getwithfocus.com